Our mission is to offer heartfelt services and facilities of the highest quality.We would like you to indulge in the type of luxury found only at the Hilltop Hotel.

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The Hilltop Hotel was established in 1954. Located at the heart of the Tokyo on the top of the Surugadai hill in the Kanda district.
This hotel is famous for its history and culture. From its very first days, this hotel has been loved by many great writers of Japan.

The Hotel building itself was founded in 1937 by Mr. Keitaro Sato as a research institute of new life style for food, clothing and shelter, named “Sato sinkou seikatsu-kan”. Thereafter, the Hilltop Hotel was established at the building by the former president Mr. Toshio Yoshida, After the period being used as commissioned officers quarters for US occupational forces.

After the opening of this hotel it was attracted by writers, novelist and journalist's, because of its history and elegant personality and gradually became a favorite lodging place for writers, scholars and journalists.
Hilltop Hotel is known as “Hotel with personality” and “Hotel to maintain health” , Probably the only hotel which circulates oxygen and negative ions into the rooms for the guests to appreciate the refreshing atmosphere as of Karuizawa while in Tokyo.

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1-1 Surugadai Kanda Chiyoda-ku

Tokyo 101-0062 Japan

Phone: 81-3-3293-2311

FAX: 81-3-3233-4567

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